The Cura Convergence: Healing Through Science and Spirituality™

It seems I always take the path less traveled.  Half way through college I switched my major from Pre-Med to English, Education, and Religion only to find myself back in chiropractic school a few years later. The word “doctor” is derived from the Latin, docco, which means “to teach,” so perhaps the paths were truly one in the same.  In my life and practice, they have merged profoundly, creating The Cura Convergence.     

As co-creators in this Universe, we are born with the desire and ability to bring to life the urgings of our hearts and souls.  Two years ago, I began the birthing of what I call my third child.  A book: The Cura Convergence: Healing through Science and Spirituality.  A labor of love.  This book has been midwifed by Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones.  It is now cradled in the hands of Dr. Caroline Myss, PhD, who honors the work by writing its forward.  She has been a trail blazer in the field of human consciousness, spirituality, and energy healing, and I am so deeply grateful for the privilege of her words.  I bow, I bow, I bow.   

This book is intended to start, and continue, the conversation toward wholeness and healing...individually and collectively, between ancient wisdom and advancing science... between Eastern Practices and Western Medicine.  

The restoration of science and spirituality is imperative for healing.  The division needs to end.  We are Spirit Made Flesh.  We need to address all aspects of ourselves for wholeness and healing.  Even if this message alters the hearts and minds of individuals or health care professionals just a quarter turn, the horizon of possibilities becomes drastically different.  

I share the news of my forthcoming book with great excitement and humility.  I acknowledge that this book is a collaboration of heart, of life experiences, of profound ah-ha moments, of pain and sorrow. It was conceived from a deep, abiding Love that was instilled many moons ago, and it was birthed after appropriate time and space.  I am confident that the Spirit which accompanied its creation will also abide with those who embrace its message.  

“Doctors, nurses and practitioners of every healing modality from Western or Eastern approaches are motivated by a love of people and an instinctive desire to end suffering.  

There is a crisis in the health care system today. More specifically, a conflict between health care modalities, techniques, and professionals.  A tension that has been reinforced with years of history.  

How can Eastern and Western medicine work in tandem?  Cura provides the science behind this quantum convergence that is the basis of all mind-body-spirit healing.  It is time for both schools to blend their approaches to medicine and healing; philosophically and functionally.  The body of evidence we seek is our own; each one of us individually and all of us collectively.  Every effort we make to discover the Cura - true healing - will reveal that this is an integrative process of science and spirit.  

Integration cannot occur without respect, willingness, and openness of mind.  We cannot access the many healing resources without broadening our understanding of the universe, of the body, and of the energies that comprise the tangible and intangible beings that we are.  

Eastern and Western approaches to Energy, Embodiment, and Spiritual Evolution are all intimately and inextricably connected to healing.  As individuals and as a society, we must open our minds to this conceptus in order to heal the division of science and spirit.  This is how we heal ourselves...and each other.  

This is how we heal the world. 

If you have come to the point in your journey where you know there is something beyond the limitations of culture and practice - and that “something” is the key to everything - this book is for you.”™

(Excerpt from The Cura Convergence: Healing through Science and Spirituality™)

All my relations, I honor you with love. 

Dr. Jill