Women's Summit: Return to Eden



6:00 pm   Welcome 

6:30 pm   Speaker - Divine Feminine Rising

7:30 pm   Ceremony


8:00 am   Mindful Movement: Yoga / Pilates / Meditation / Tai Chi

9:30 am   Morning Gathering

11:00 am   Class Rotation I

12:15 pm   Break for Lunch (provided)

2:00 pm   Class Rotation II

3:30 pm   Class Rotation III

4:45 pm   Break for Snack (provided)

6:30 pm   Evening Ceremony

9:00 pm   Close



FOUNDATIONAL FUNDAMENTALS - Autumn Moler, Ritu Nanos, and Carol Paysinger

You are the reference point of your own map, the tree in the garden from which all else has grown.

Ground and Root your being.

Discover, Claim, and Embrace your space and boundaries.

Nurture the Voice inside of you to be one of honoring your worth and gifts.

You are the feminine divine: sexual, sacred, exquisite. 

Your body asks for you to know her, to be aware of her, and to love her.

Your body asks for you to remember and honor her, to touch and heal her.

Your body asks for you to awaken, opening your light of passion, creation, and wisdom.

In this class, you will explore and create the landscape of your feminine divine through Qi-Gong, movement, discussion, writing, play, and ceremony of releasing self-limiting beliefs so that you can live fully within your True Beauty.

As a connected circle of Women, we will weave together:

  • Discovering and claiming personal boundaries;
  • Grounding, Rooting, and Aligning;
  • Body awareness, basic anatomy of pelvic bowl;
  • The body as record keeper of all that impacts us, physically, mentally, and emotionally;
  • The critical voice and it’s impact on body image, sense of worth;
  • Sacred sexuality;
  • Reclaiming who we are as women, our power and exquisiteness; 
  • And connecting to the true spirit of community, as sacred trees in the Garden of Eden.

THE LANGUAGE OF LOVE - Nancy Fabiano and Jill Strom

Out of the cave of the Heart flows the Eternal Love that pierces all of Existence.  

Holding the memory of all that has been, is, and will be.  

Your Heart has an intelligence separate from, connected to and greater than that of the mind.  

Your heart is the center of Alchemy in the body. The Seat of the Soul.  

Love:  Eternal. Timeless. Unconditional.    

Imagine a world where ancient wisdom teachings live within the fabric of our body. 

Imagine accessing that wisdom with subtle and tender awareness.

In this heart centered module we will:

  • Explore heart coherence thru subtle inquiry 
  • Connect to our Deep Soul Truth 
  • Utilize somatic alignment, breath work and imaginative presence to explore being as an act of conscious evolution. 

What if we were here to shift the collective consciousness of for ourselves and humanity? Given our capacity to create, what might be possible in a space of awareness, intention and heart coherence?  What might emerge if we came home to ourselves, to Eden?

Weaving a conversation like this is both radical and enough. 

This is a curriculum for discovering love as the Universal Solvent- in it's presence, everything dissolves.  And we discover that there is no separation. 

DIVINE SIGHT - Melanie Nicsinger and Kirsten Harwick Mills 

This class will support and guide you on a journey through your three upper chakras by using insightful description and experiential exercises that will lead you into conscious presence with your feminine wisdom and intuition. 

During this session you will:

  • Draw on your own Creative Destruction 
  • Feel into your Original Alchemy and limitlessness
  • Release the role of competition with the feminine
  • Embrace the communion of all women by rooting into our connectedness
  • Be led through insightful written dialog, gentle regression therapy, and conscious breath work designed to help you tap into the rhythms of your personal vibration. 

This guided and informative break-out session will move you towards a better connection and understanding of your Crown, Third Eye, and Throat Chakras, while also helping you feel connected to the Powerful Goddess within.